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Joyce and her husband, Harold, have lived in Adams County for 41 of the last 45 years. They have lived in Federal Heights for 26 years. Joyce served the city of Federal Heights for 19 years. She served 5 years on the planning and zoning commission, 6 years as an elected member of council and 8 years as mayor.

Joyce is currently serving on the Pinnacle Charter School Board as a community member (non-parent member) where she serves as vice chair. Her term will be completed October of 2019. She will have served the school board for 6 years. Joyce has also served as president of “Colorado Woman in Government” (CWIG).

Joyce is an active member of DAR. The “Daughters of the American Revolution” is a lineage-based membership service organization for women who are directly descended from a person involved in the United States’ effort toward independence in the late 18th century (1776-1787). A non-profit group, they work to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. Joyce has been chair of the constitution week committee. The past 12 years, in September¬† Joyce asks the mayors of local cities to prepare and present a proclamation to support the U.S. Constitution. Joyce often purchases, at her own expense, pocket constitutions to hand out to local students. She has been well received by students and teachers.


Joyce was born in Illinois. Joyce had many family members around. Her mother is one of eight children, therefore Joyce had many cousins to play with. Joyce’s grandmother and grandfather hosted all the family events, with every food wish satisfied including every kind of pie you could think of. Every family gathering was an all day event.

Joyce’s grandfather served on the city council and also as a member of the county board of commissioners. Harold’s grandfather also served on both the Ironwood, MI city council and many years on the Gogibic County board of commissioners.

Joyce’s immediate family moved to Colorado in 1963, due to Joyce’s asthma. Due to Colorado’s dry climate Joyce improved and she thrived. Joyce has one sister who lives in Erie, Colorado with her husband (a high school classmate). Her two nieces live with their families in Longmont and Denver. Joyce and her husband, Harold, have been married 45 years.¬†


Joyce, her sister and her two neices are all graduates of Fairview High in Boulder, Colorado. Joyce received her bachelor’s Degree in accounting in 1985. She prepared for and passed the CPA exam in 1992 and has worked for the same CPA firm the past 16 years.