Joyce Thomas served on city council of Federal Heights for 14 years with 8 years as mayor

Joyce Thomas 26 years a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Joyce Thomas has many years of experience in finance, taxes and budgets.

Legislative experience:

  • 1996 – Appointed to Planning and Zoning Commission
  • 2001 – Elected to Federal Heights Charter Commission
  • 2001 – Elected to city council
  • 2005 – Re-elected to city council
  • 2007 – Elected as mayor of Federal Heights
  • 2007 – Chair of Federal Heights Redevelopment Authority
  • 2007 – Chair of Federal Heights Liquor Board
  • 2009 – Appointed to Denver Regional Council of Governments
  • 2011 – Re-elected as mayor of Federal Heights
  • 2010 – Elected President of Colorado Women in Government
  • 2012 – Appointed to Pinnacle Charter School Board
  • 2013 – Appointed to Airport Coordinating Committee

Joyce is not a politician. She volunteers for many things that she believes will make people’s lives better. 


Good things happened in Federal Heights (Accomplishments):

  • General cleanup of the city, a project that continues to this day
  • Full redevelopment of the former King Sooper’s center at 104th and Federal.
  • Saturn dealership at 104th rebuilt and now Carmax
  • Redevelopment with Ace Hardware, Smashburger, Panda Express.
  • Redevelopment along Federal Blvd. North of 92nd

      Car Wash, Family Dollar, Net Direct (now Trunite)

  • Thrive Church was built at 92nd and Camenish Street.
  • Residential development with Northmoor subdivision, Roth Park Condos, Aspen Meadows Townhomes as well as remodeling of Tuscan Heights and The Lodge (previously The Maples)
  • Pinnacle Charter School replaced the old K Mart at 84th and Pecos Street. Pinnacle also brought an entertainment facility to the city. There citizens can watch ballets and concerts, as well as student events.
  • Major improvements to Allbrick Kennel’s and Veterinary. They made major improvements and expansion to include Doggy Day Care and training services.
  • Approval of an “Entertainment Tax” that provides in excess of $400,000.00 per year to support Federal Heights services.
  • Mayor Thomas served on the airport coordinating Committee. She along with other Adams County cities representatives were able to negotiate with Denver to get an agreement, and vote of the public, in favor of sharing development revenues on the DIA grounds. This agreement has the potential to provide funding for the cities of Adams County in perpetuity.
  • As a member of DRCOG Mayor Thomas received the support of other members to be awarded a grant of more than $4,020,000.00 for the revamping of the intersection at Federal Blvd. and 92nd The work will add double turn lanes in all directions.
  • Joyce volunteers at her local church, Thrive Church in Federal Heights.
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Joyce is a people lover. Here she is holding a young citizen at a Federal Heights Summer Social (2015)

Mayor Joyce Thomas is cutting the ribbon to welcome Call N Ride to Federal Heights.

With former Denver Bronco running back, Reggie Rivers at the 2018 Thornton Business Appreciation Event.

Mayor Joyce Thomas with “new” Federal Heights fire truck.

Thank You Chief Ellis and both city staff and fire staff 

Mayor Joyce Thomas going over the 14th city budget of her legislative career in 2015

Modified Group Photo Comm City Parade 2018

Everyone Loves A Parade - Commerce City 2018